All Classes are free for Brickhouse Members & just $10 for non-members

B.O.D. Brick of the Day Challenge:
For a challenging personal journey each week, this workout is posted weekly on our gym blackboard and you may attempt it at anytime.

Kettlebell Fusion:
This class is a fun total body workout that will help you reach your fitness goals by combining Kettlebell training and aerobic exercises.  It is available to members and non-members alike ($10 fee for non-members).  It is suitable for all fitness levels.  And don’t forget the FREE bonus perks…Kettlebell Fusion training also makes you leaner, nicer, and happier!  Please contact Missy Jones at 803-681-0074 for class details.

      Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6:30PM
      Thursday: 6:00PM
      Saturday: 9:00AM

Rebounding Class:
Taught by Ginger Blencowe, this class is a fun, total body workout.  The one hour workout combines cardio, endurance, and strength training on mini-trampolines.  The class also includes cardio on the floor with weights.  Suitable for all fitness levels. (Limited spaces are available for this class, so please check availability at the front desk!)

      Tuesday, Thursday 9:30AM
      Wednesday 5:45PM

Indoor Cycling (Spin Experience):
The newest trends in cycling and the creativity and expertise of our cycle instructors will have you feeling strong, exhilarated, and energized! 45 and 60 minute classes are available. And Now Cycling Is Free For All Members!

     Monday 6:00 am
     Wednesday 5:45 pm

Please contact us to request class times that would work best for you, as we work to expand our class schedule.

Upcoming Classes:

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    6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
For more information on our classes, contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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