Personal Training

Maximize your potential:
Take your health and fitness to the next level with Brickhouse Gym. Our trainers are here to help you meet your individual goals. Maintaining one’s own fitness program can prove a challenge when the will to work out fizzles. Many people are conquering roadblocks and staying on an effective path of regular exercise through an enduring relationship with a personal trainer.
Our personal trainers provide the education and support that you need to get started with your workout program or to improve your current regimen. Whether you are training for a sport or for life, losing weight, toning up, or reconditioning from an injury, our personal trainers will create the program that best fits your fitness needs and goals.

Not a member of Brickhouse? (Why not!? Check out our great rates!) You will need to purchase a day pass to work with our personal trainers.

Please call Brickhouse Gym at 803-771-6333 or email  at for a personal trainer referral or to set up a personal training session with one of our in-house trainers today!

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