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Her Shield and Armor, a comprehensive, approachable women’s Self Defense program is instructed by Brant Alonzo.

With 5 years of instructional experience, Brant brings a wide spectrum of talent to all of his classes.  Combined with 6 years of Army combat medic experience, Brant has a unique perspective of practical application of what he teaches.  Upon returning home from his deployment to Afghanistan, Brant applied his knowledge,  working in various emergency rooms and trauma centers throughout Columbia.

Wanting to empower others by passing on what he learned, Brant began his instructional path, working as a teaching assistant for numerous professors at the University of South Carolina, helping teach various courses such as Human Anatomy and Physiology, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Plant Form and Function, Archery, and Women’s Self Defense.

Brant draws on all of these experiences in his classes, bringing you the best possible education in empowerment and defense.

When he’s not teach or honing his skills for self defense, Brant enjoys spending his time as a reptile educator, teaching anyone and everyone about the importance and gentle demeanor of reptiles.

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