Quite Simply: The Way a Gym Should Be!!!

Brickhouse Gym has over 12,000 sq/ft of space packed with everything you need to achieve your fitness goals.  Our main room is fully equipped with plate-loaded Nautilus and Hammer Strength equipment, designed with your fitness goals in mind.  The main room also hosts a heavy bag, cages, kettlebells ranging to 80 lb, dumbbells ranging up to 150 lb, bands, rings, and a host of other equipment to help you become your absolute best.

Our Circuit Room is designed with ease of use and speed in mind.  Are you looking to get in shape over your lunch break? Then the Circuit room is for you – a complete body circuit on Nautilus machines makes it easy to come in during lunch, work your way through the room, and leave knowing you got the best 30 minute workout in Columbia.

Looking for something more challenging? Our newly redesigned Turf Room is where all the action is.  Whether you’re looking to lean out, gain strength, get that beach-ready physique or if you’re training for the next big game, or even if you’re prepping for the next Power-lifting meet, the Turf Room is your answer.   Equipped with sleds, racks, an Olympic platform, agility ladders, a peg board, incline pullup rack, tires, hammers – basically everything you need. Our Turf Room is also equipped with a Verti-max training platform – your ticket to enhancing your agility, getting you ready for any sport you’re competing in.  We also have a complete set of plyo-boxes, BOSU balls, stability balls, medicine balls, and heavy balls to help you get the edge no matter the competition.

We also have an amazing selection of cardio equipment, from treadmills and elipticals, we offer Stairmasters and a Jacob’s Ladder.  There’s even a Concept 2 Rowing machine to put the perfect finishing touches on your cardio experience!

For those wanting to take their physique competitive abilities to the next level, we also have a posing room available! Make sure you look your best before you go on stage, and perfect your posing routine; right in your home gym!

The Way A Gym Should Be