2020 USA Powerlifting Palmetto Classic

This is the 2020 USA Powerlifting Palmetto Classic Sanction# SC-2020-05 This meet will be held on September 26, 2020 in Columbia SC at Brickhouse gym. It will be a single platforms meet with 42 lifters. The meet will close automatically as soon as it receives 42 lifters. You will be required to have a current USA powerlifting membership ID# to register. If you are not yet a member you can go to https://www.usapowerlifting.com/membership-application/ and sign-up or renew.

All awards for this meet will be 1st-3rd done by weight class and total. Awards will go as follows:
1. Raw male open
2. Raw female open
3. Raw masters male
4. Raw masters female
5. Raw JR male
6. Raw JR female
7. Teen I, II, & III Male
8. Teen I, II, & III female
9. Bench press only male(Open, JR, Masters)
10. Bench press only female (Open, JR, Masters)
11. Deadlift only male (Open, JR, Masters)
12. Deadlift only female (Open, JR, Masters)
13. Push/pull male (Open, JR, Masters)
14. Push/pull female (Open, JR, Masters)
15. Best lifters by IPF formula (Open male, Open female) Other best lifter awards to be determined